BODY: POC Beachhead
__ Load Baring vest and helmet from the DTC Barrel Roll
__ Suppressed Barrett M82 - BBI rifle with POC Lowlight suppressor
__ HK SL8 Designated Marksman Rifle - POC Hawk
__ HK 416 - BBI

CODE NAME: Barrel Roll
FILE NAME: Stall, Dwight
BIRTHPLACE: Cincinnati, OH

Sgt. Dwight Stall was an elite operator with Air Force Special Operations Command. Six years ago, he was recalled from a mission in Afghanistan and, for reasons unknown to him at the time, was placed in protective custody at a remote, secure U.S. Government black site in Central Asia known as The Ruins.

His estranged older brother, Thomas (former code name Shooter) was the original marksman for Task Force: Fury - Hawk's first JSOC Special Missions Team. Thomas seemingly unraveled and went missing in Corta del Sol, Val Verde on one of Task Force: fury's final missions and may have been involved in the deaths of two Special Activities Division operators.

Thomas resurfaced in Eastern Europe several months later, going by the code name Black Out and working with the mercenaries Firefly, Zandar and Major Bludd for a terrorist group affiliated with Cobra. Their sister, Alyssa went missing from Nellis Air Force Base soon after, which is what prompted the NSA to take Dwight to The Ruins.

When Hawk got wind that "No Such Agency" was holding Dwight, he paid a visit to The Ruins, feeling that he had failed the Stall Family by not doing more to help Thomas. He convinced the NSA to release Dwight into the custody of the newly formed GI JOE team, and made him a member of the provisional Steel Brigade unit.

Dwight thrived in the Steel Brigade and was assigned the code name Barrel Roll. After completing his training, he was made a full member of the GI JOE team.

Over the last few years, Barrel Roll has had a number of confrontations with Black Out. The two briefly came to a truce when they discovered that Major Bludd was the one behind Alyssa's kidnapping, and rescued their sister together. However Thomas refused to turn himself in and continues to work alongside Firefly.

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