Head: ARAH Recoil with Lady Jaye Ballcap
Front & back: ARAH Battle Commander Hawk
Arms: ARAH Heavy Metal
Waist: ARAH Low-Light V1
Legs: ARAH Dusty V1
Backpack: ARAH Big Bear


The CIA Liaison first appeared in GI Joe #6 and acted as a go-between for the Joes and the Afghan Rebels. He made a later appearance in the comic books which revealed his name (or perhaps a code name) to be Anderson. I went with parts that were close to the first appearance, but added a backpack due to the sculpted webgear straps on the Hawk jacket.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the comic book. In the comic book, the jacket is colored blue- the same way Superman's black hair is colored blue for artistic purposes. Instead of painting the jacket black on the actual object, which would have been truer to the colorist's intentions of portraying it as a black leather jacket, I stuck with the more stylistic blue. I used a dark blue to get a better mesh with the warm earthy color of the trousers. Many of the ARAH figures had spectacular facial details, but ears that were sculpted as only rough shapes. The Recoil head was one of these. To indicate more detail for the ears, I painted in a few lines.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added the Lady Jaye ballcap to the top of the Recoil head after removing its strange original semi-helmet. I removed the grenades from the webgear strap on the chest and replaced them with a utility pouch.

Thanks for looking.

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