Head: Mego STTMP Scotty
Chest and back: ARAH Shipwreck V1
Arms: ARAH Chuckles V1
Waist: ARAH Muskrat V1
Upper legs: ARAH Dogfight
Lower legs: ARAH Roadblock V1


Damnation Alley was a cheesy late 70's film about a group of WWIII survivors heading to a town whilst fighting off cockroaches and other groups of survivors. George Peppard played the group's leader, Major Eugene Denton. This figure is for one of my friends, who thinks that Damnation Alley is the bee's knees of all science fiction survival movies. It is a horrible, but lovable movie.

I used a Mego Scotty head and ARAH parts to (more or less) match Peppard's movie costume. The Dogfight lower legs/boots are a good match for the costume, but I wanted to disguise the legs a little more, so I used the Roadblock legs. I was surprised at how many other legs are incompatible with the chicken legs of Dogfight.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the movie costume. After painting the hair from fading to white to grey, I put a silver wash on top of it. Turned out pretty snazzy.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The eyes, which had deep holes in the pupils, were filled to be painted over. The head's swivel neck was reworked to fit the ball socket opening of the chest/back. The watch was added to the arm.

Thanks for looking.

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