Head - Star Wars Sigel Dare
Torso - Gashapon (Dead or Alive Statue) modded to make upper and lower portions, with chest joint; modded to accept articulated arms; modded to add t-bar at waist.
Arms - combined Slave Leia and Tron Quorra
Legs - combined MU Ms. Marvel and ROC Baroness Dress (skirt portion) made from scratch using vinyl and glue for wrinkles

Aella Blair was born to an English father (who had a background in the S.A.S. and MI-6) and a Japanese mother with an uncertain background (British Intel has developed conflicting reports that Aella's mother was either a descendant of the Red Ninja Clan, or alternatively a simple homemaker instead). Those who have seen Storm Wind in action, are quite confident that the latter option should have been ruled out by intel some time ago. There is no doubt now that she was groomed to be the world's finest assassin. Aella Blair is a natural born, but also well trained, killer.

There are doubts as to how she might fare in a competition where brute force is often key. Her weapons are modest, at least those that she holds in her hand. A pair of curved blades are usually sufficient for her to make the kill, however. It is her amazing beauty and near hypnotic grace and seductive stylings which actually do the killing for her. If she is close enough to smell her perfume or gaze into her eyes, chances are, you are already dead.

Those men (or women) strong enough to survive her advances will find that Storm Wind is much more than a stealthy assassin. She is also remarkably fast, and trained in a wide range of fighting styles which can only be described fairly as "mixed." Her code name derives from her knockout kick, though only the rarest and strongest of her opponents last long enough in the ring to ever see it in action.

Fighting Style:



Weapon Proficiencies:
Bladed weapons, weapons of deceit and seduction

This was a challenging and fun figure to make. Her look is based loosely off of Vesper Lynd, and she is definitely ripe for rubbing elbows with the spy types from time to time. The base "figure" for this custom was actually a static gashapon figure which I converted to complete 25A articulation.

I am proud to say she finished 3rd in Daremo's most recent Kumite Challenge. I enjoy the figure in the sense that I can sub her for Vesper, evening gown Baroness, or many other uses in a pinch.

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