Bruce Willis look-a-like - Head
Mutt - Torso
Roth-Del Masona - Arms
Neo-Viper - Upper Legs
Logan - Lower Legs
Tunnel Rat - Shoes
Rebel Fleet Trooper - Jacket
Orrimaarko - Open Cloak
Mon Mothma - 2 Part Cloak
Rebel Fleet Trooper - Ballcap
Resolute Storm Shadow - Hood

It took me around 10 years from when I first saw Unbreakable to when I was able to finally realize my custom of Mr. Glass. I was thrilled with the result, but was worried it would be another 10 years before I figured out how to do the film's reluctant hero, David Dunn. The key piece was a head sculpt from a military toy line that was obviously based on Bruce Willis... but I wrestled with how to do the rest of the figure. And then, one morning I woke up and headed straight to my work room and it just happened. And in a fit of creative inspiration, I decided to try and make it so the figure could represent some of his different looks. There's the fully cloaked Hero, the jacketed security guard look, and then an open-cloak version as well. The cloaks are a little short, but I think passable. I wanted to keep his color schemed to the subdued earth tones, yellows, and greens that identify him in the film. Had I managed to make the arms interchangeable, he could even have a Pre-Train Wreck version... something I might have to tackle later.

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