Torch - Head, Arms, Belt Buckle, Tanks and Flamethrower
Beachhead - Torso
Resolute Beachhead - Collar
Storm Shadow - Legs
Sgt. Airborne - Hands, Feet
Barbecue - Tank harness

Hired muscle from Juarez, New Mexico, "Scorch" ran with various smuggling operations before he hooked up with the Dreadnoks. Having passed initiation, he decided to challenge Torch for his title. You ever seen two men duel with flamethrowers? It ain't pretty. Torch managed to defend his title and keep his name, which earned him the right to pick the new recruit's handle. As a sign of respect for his skill with fire, Torch dubbed him "Scorch." The two maintain a bit of a rivalry, but Scorch is now a trusted asset among the original Dreadnoks.

Scorch is an update of the 2005 version of Torch. I decided that other than their similar weapon, this version was rather distinctive from the original character so I made him a new character when I translated him to the current body/articulation style.

It was fun to take the parts and elements I liked from the 2005 figure and tweak the rest. The flame pattern on the older figure is a great idea, but poorly executed, and it was a fun challenge to try to improve upon it when I designed Scorch. I was especially pleased to learn the flamethrower backpack actually fit into Barbecue's harness, making adapting it to fit the new torso much easier.

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