Robin: Gashapon head, modded to fit and painted
Body: MU bucky, modded by shortening legs (and also possibly by swapping on WWE feet/boots?)
Emblem: waterslide decal

Tim Drake: Same Gashapon head, modded for removal of mask, and to fit figure, and painted.
Body: Avatar, painted.

The neck on the Avatar figure was modded to be of the same shape as the Robin figure, so that the unmasked head could be easily swapped.

Tim Drake emerged on the scene just late enough to miss the EXCAL organization's glory days. He was discovered at an early age by the Shadow Knight Batman, and was set to become a Paladin Knight in Training, perhaps under the tutelage of new Paladin Nightwing, just as EXCAL lost its United States backing.

Unable to secure a position in the disbanding organization, Drake sought an appointment to the newly re-formed G.I.Joe team, but was denied for his lack of military experience. Thereafter, and upon setting up his base of operations in Gotham City once more, Bruce Wayne reluctantly brought Drake on board his crime-fighting team in the role of Robin, as Dick Greyson, the original Robin, had formally taken on the guise of Nightwing by that time.

Drake, and the rest of the team, are being perpetually trained, not only to keep the streets safe after the Dark Knight's long absence from Gotham, but also in preparation for the return of the MEDUSA organization to prominence, an event which Wayne is certain will occur.

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