Head 1: Microman Catwoman?
Head 2: Gashapon Catwoman - both modded

Torso: MU modded for fusion at waist, plus articulation added at chest. Also modded by sculpting open suit, and added straps.

Arms: ROC Baroness
Legs: MU X-23

I was really happy with my first Catwoman, but when I saw the pics of Selina from Arkham City, I knew I wanted to make a figure based at least loosely on that suit.

My original intent was to take the Gashapon head I used on v.1, and put it on here (that's the 2nd head from pic 2). But I think I like the goggles down look much better actually. While both heads are swappable, head 1 will be the default for this figure.

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