Main figure:

Head: Trigate Dr. Bindy Sculpt
Torso: Res./CS Snake Eyes, modded with sculpted collar.
Arms: POC Hulk uppers, SW Gree lowers
Legs: POC Zartan

Harness and Armor: Res. Duke? and Ren. Snake Eyes straps

Belt: Star Trek, with various add-ons

Holsters: Vinyl, with removable leg straps made from WWE kneepads

Coated version - same base body with POC Desert SE arms (and Shock Trooper hands)

Coat from POC Zartan, modded, shoulder holster from vinyl

Head: same version, with "sunglasses" from an X-Wing pilot attached.

Note - the heads are obviously swappable between the two bodies, but the 3rd figure from the last pic was also modded so that any head could go on any of the bodies.

Percival Xavier "Percy" Ajax was the former First Sword to King Leondegrance de Bellona of Avalonia. From the King's perspective, Ajax's dismissal from the post was in shame. From Percy's point of view, his honor demanded he step down and no longer serve a King who would allow the actions of Lord Cornua to go unchecked.

Today, Percy resides outside of the Kingdom of Avalonia, splitting time between old Earth and an apartment located next to Big Papa's Spaceyard out on the Fringe. He is self-employed, but is a Pirate Hunter licensed by the IPA (Inter-Planetary Authority). For side jobs, he does general bounty work, and also is equipped for planetary exploration.

He has limited access to a pending inheritance through the Ajax Armaments Galactic Corp., though his disgruntled father does his best to stand in his way of those assets. Percy's brother, Ranger Ajax, is a Dagger Pilot Group Commander in the Royal Avalonian Armada, stationed aboard the RAA Trinity.

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