Head - 3.75 Marvel Crossbones
Body - 3.75 Amazing Spiderman Series' Venom

What would you do if you want to finally get rid of Sgt. Slaughter? Hire someone tougher than him. That's what Serpentor thought. Serpentor was impressed when he heard how Bane broke Batman's back. So Serpentor offered Bane wealth, network and resources in exchange for his expertise (on how to break people's back.)

In an abandoned air field, Bane came face to face with Sgt. Slaughter. The two fighters charged each other like wild animals. Sgt. Slaughter's suplex and clothesline could not stop Bane. Bane is a killer monster with only one thing in mind, to tear Sgt. Slaughter apart. Luckily, Red Dog, Taurus and Mercer arrived to give Sgt. Slaughter a hand. In the end, Sgt. Slaughter was victorious. It is good to have friends.

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