BODY: POC Arctic Threat Cobra Commander
HELMETED HEAD: POC Arctic Threat Cobra Commander

__ Web gear and hood from Retaliation Kamakura
__ AK74 - BBI
__ Leg holster - modified ROC Scarlett belt holster
__ Tactical pistol from POC Zartan


The true identity of this individual remains unknown. There are a number of theories in the intelligence community, the three most prominent being that he is a former child prodigy believed to have died in a car accident 25 years ago, a disgruntled used car salesman who lost everything due to bad accounting, and a former Green Beret whose identity was stolen.

The individual known as Cobra Commander first came to my attention in 2001, following the defeat of Nemesis Group at the Battle of La Cobra, in Mexico. Intelligence gathered at the Nemesis Group bunker in the Sonoran Desert indicated that, while we had killed or captured the Enforcers numbered One through Thirteen, it appeared that a fourteenth elite operative known as Enforcer Zero had managed to avoid detection up until this point and was still at large. Enforcer Zero had reportedly been involved in fifth column operations in Eastern Europe, Central America, the Middle East and quite possibly in the United States itself. I strongly believe that Enforcer Zero and Cobra Commander are one in the same.

In addition to the Enforcer Zero and Cobra Commander identities, the individual has used a number of aliases over the year. The name Adam DeCobray has been used most frequently, though we know this identity to be a total fabrication. Variations on Fred Cobra, such as Dr. Frederick Arbco or Freddy Broca have often been used in areas where is known to have operated, though evidence seems to indicate that there are multiple individuals using these names simultaneously (see file "Broca, Fred").

His appearance has evolved over the years.
___ As Enforcer Zero, he typically wore the standard Nemesis Enforcer reactive body armor and helmet.
___ As Adam DeCobray, he most often simply appeared in public as a holographic projection of a well-dressed caucasian man in his mid-to-late thirties with dark hair and blue eyes. In the few instances where he needed to be seen in person, a body double, possibly even the mercenary Zartan, was used.
___ In his early appearances as Cobra Commander, he wore an advanced reactive armor vest over a dark blue tactical jacket, black slacks, and wingtips. His face was initially concealed solely by a dark gray balaclava and black hood..
___ At some point, he began occasionally wearing steel face masks. These have ranged from simple, metal face shields to ornate skull death masks. There has been speculation that he may have received a disfiguring facial injury in combat or in an assassination attempt, or may be showing early signs of a degenerative condition. Conspiracy theorists have even suggested that he may be a member of the supposed race of Lizard People said to live at the center of the Earth - a laughable idea. It is my opinion that he merely wears them for protection in battle and to allow others to occasionally appear in his place.

While some have attempted to characterize this individual as a manipulative coward or a comically inept megalomaniac, such depictions are not grounded in reality and are merely attempts to discredit him, or possibly intentionally distorted to cause people to underestimate him.

I have observed live drone footage of the man leading charges against much larger forces of special operations troops in Trucial Abysmia and Val Verde. "Vorona", a contact of mine within the Oktober Guard, claims that on one occasion, they had nearly captured him at a terrorist training camp north of Pvnsk, Borovia, but that he fought his way out with the aid of local militia.

This man is not a coward. He is an extremely dangerous, highly skilled warrior, brilliant tactician and charismatic leader. He has left a trail of bodies, craters, infernos and even toppled governments in his wake. If he cannot muster the support of the indigenous populations he works with, he is more than willing and fully capable of going it alone.

We know very little about his personal life. While he has frequently been seen in the presence of Baroness Anastasia DeCobray, and has even gone by the alias Adam DeCobray, the two do not appear to have a romantic relationship. A number of notorious, high end mercenaries, including the Corsican Murder Twins, Major Sebastian Bludd and Zartan seem to be in his thrall, but we believe these to be solely professional relationships.

It is still very difficult to ascertain the true political intent of the Cobra organization or it's leadership. The official ideology appears to be very similar to that of The Nemesis Group - a goal of eventual world peace through a mix of subversion of and open war against the global super powers. The organization has been especially hostile to Communist and Socialist countries, however the United States and its interests and allies are constant targets, as well.
Despite occasional use of fascist iconography, there is no indication that the organization has a fascist political structure. Given the wide variety of peoples he has worked with over the last few years, it is safe to assume that race and religion do not play a part in their ideology.
My own suspicion is that the organization is extremely capitalist in nature, so much so that it is seeking a hostile take over of the entire world, superficially to see the super powers humiliated, but also for simple profit and power.

Despite our best efforts, much of the vast financial and military resources of The Nemesis Group appear to have fallen into the hands of Cobra Commander. While Cobra agents typically operate in small cells, assisted by local paramilitary forces and street gangs, we have reason to believe that Cobra has the resources and capital to create a standing army equipped with bleeding edge weaponry and hardware. There is also substantial intelligence indicating that Cobra has developed ties to a number of prominent defense and private security contractors, including M.A.R.S. Most troubling of all is evidence suggesting that the Commander may have established a shadowy network of fifth column operatives that have assumed seats of power within the United State, reaching into the highest levels of Government.

I genuinely believe that Cobra Commander is the most dangerous person alive. The Cobra Organization does not merely represent a potential threat - there's nothing potential about them. They have already invaded, and have been at war with us since long before we were even aware of their existence.

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