All Big Ben v1, including rifle
Recoil's claymore mines

I had a bunch of Big Ben figures around. Thinking back to his filecard, they said that he came to the Joe team from the british SAS. I figured that since there was an Action Force SAS division, it would make sense if he was once a member of that particular group of SAS troopers. So I painted him to have the same camo pattern as one of my AF SAS figures.

I like the way that this figure looks overall and am pretty happy with it. Eventually, I would like to redo the SAS logo on his arms (it is on both, though not very visible in the pic) because I think that is the main weakpoint in quality.

I decided not to use different parts because I wanted him to look like he might have been a real repaint or UK-exclusive figure.

BTW, he isn't nearly this shiny in person.

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