Head: Para-Viper v1
Upper Body: Viper v16
Legs: Scrap-Iron v6
- Helmet/Visor: GI Joe Pit Commando
- Vest: Scrap-Iron v6
- Shotgun: Agent Faces v2
- Hatchet: Desert-Viper
- Knife: 24A Cobra Trooper

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Combat Engineer
Secondary Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E1 and higher

In its early days, Cobra relied on staying hidden and employing surprise attacks for its military operations and had few requirements for a more advanced Combat Engineering (CE) function. The first Troopers undertaking such activity were little more than 'blueshirts' trained in the use of demolitions (as seen in comic # 19) and some construction. As Cobra grew, and the capabilities of its Legions expanded, a robust CE capability became crucial. At the core of Cobra's combat engineers are the now robustly capable Cobra Sappers.

In terms of training and abilities, Cobra Sappers reside somewhere between the 'blueshirts' and the Vipers, although with more of an engineering focus. As with all Cobra troopers, Sappers have done their time as infantry, but then are further selected and trained in the spectrum of CE practices and techniques. These include mobility, countermobility, explosive material handling, and defensive structures. Vipers, being the advanced assault arm of Cobra's conventional land forces, have more sophisticated support requirements and have integrated Assault Pioneers and other Combat Engineer capabilities and technicians. Due to the extensive and specialised skill sets, however, all of Cobra's Combat Engineers fall administratively under their own Corps, even as CE units are integrated within other combat formations.

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