head-dusty poc heavily modified and sculpted hair
torso-steel brigade poc
upper legs-cobra trooper resolute
lower legs-blowtorch 25th
vest-duke ROC-cut away the sides to get a snugger fit and then glued entire piece together.
helmet-Duke DG
mask-custom made with greenstuff
belt, backpack-Hawk 25th
Flag-small U.S. flag printed and glued on.

I liked Grid Iron as a kid although I thought the football grenades and yellow pants were a bit much. The Dic cartoons weren't really for me so I missed his characterization on that series, which has always left me with my own feelings about the character. I've felt he is a tough dude who had played football but left it to serve his country. Pretty admirable. I also figured that the man would try to intimidate his enemies just as they do in football so as I was redesigning him I decided to go with the skull mask ala Call of Duty. This was my solution to the face mask aspect of the original figure that I wasn't going to go for with my custom.

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