Head-Cobra Trooper 25th
Torso-Storm Shadow 25th
Arms-Duke 25th
Upper Legs, Hood - Storm Shadow DG
Lower Legs-Storm Shadow Devils Due comic pack

I am not a ninja fan at all. I liked them when they made brief appearances but the constant use of them really wares me out. However I really do like this version of Storm Shadow. I loved the shock as a kid to see this new look for him and then read on his filecard that he was now a GI Joe.
I had made a version from the figure that was released in the early stages of the 25th era figures but as better parts have come out I decided it was time to replace the older parts I had used on this custom with some newer ones.
This guy is now pretty definitive for me except for perhaps switching out his lower arms at some point, giving him rocker ankles, and swivel wrists...okay maybe not definitive quite yet :)

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