Parts Used:
RoC Cobra Commander head & chest
25th BAT arms & legs

Nemo here is just one of many who just clicked together and sat there gathering dust until I was motivated to do something about it. This came last year when I began bringing my in-progress joe-customs to the now out of business Darkmatter Anime to ask about customizing tips. This is the first time I've used a wash on a figure... and even if I did it out of turn (by washing before re-assembly) he came out awesomely.

Took his picture the same night I took pics for the GP. Took several months to get his bio toghether.

Combat Cyborg
File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Specialized infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: B.A.T. co-ordination

A John Doe drug from the field of battle, barely alive, with 3rd degree burns covering over 95% of his body, he was re-directed towards Cobra R&D's waiting arms. The 15th in a group of 30 casualties, each where used as test subjects used to further advance Cobra's cybernetic engineering. At the hands of Cobra's ghouls, he suffered through a man-made purgatory as his limbs where replaced with outdated B.A.T. limbs modified into prosthetics, his chest locked away behind layered cybernetic armor, his brain receiving enhancements similar to those received by Star-vipers, and his head encased in a pressurized helmet, outfitted with HUD in the optics and an oxygen filtration system. While he was one of the few to survive the procedures, he is hardly what one would consider lucky. Plagued with surges of pain caused by faulty connections in the prosthetics, and prone to bouts of extreme violence, R&D had him classified as a failure. Cobra's standards, however, are nowhere near as high. Despite these 'shortcomings', Cobra had invested far too much time and money developing this weapon to merely scrap him. While the R&D department learned from their mistakes, using the knowledge they collected from him and the others to create the Cyborg Overkill... Nemo found himself deployed to the Middle East, to continue his service to Cobra.

First assigned to the 32nd as fire support, multiple violent outbursts against the 'meat' he was serving alongside had him re-assigned to coordinating a Unit of Outdated B.A.T.s. It was here that his true calling was discovered, as he and his squad of 'cans' excelled in 'scorched earth' operations, leaving a trail of ash and ruin in their wake throughout the Middle East, Asia, and South America. While the Team has had confrontations against Nemo and his squad, he has yet to be directly deployed against the G.I. Joe team.

From the Files of Dr. Mindbender: "Nemo; translating from Latin it means 'nobody' or 'no-one'. That's what he sees himself as, a nobody; a nameless, faceless instrument of destruction. Having completely dissociating from both his humanity and his current form, harboring a deep-rooted hatred against practically everyone, and driven to near madness from his state of constant pain, the only avenue he can find solace in is through destruction. It's because of this which he excels on the battlefield; when given a mission he will show no quarter, never yielding against his target until it has been completely decimated. But unlike the B.A.T.s he commands, his rage doesn't have an off switch. When he needs to 'scratch that itch', he'll find himself an avenue, regardless of wither it be against friend or foe. To reduce further casualties due to 'friendly fire', it's merely a matter of keeping him busy, and keeping him supplied with expendable B.A.T.s."

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