RoC Night-Creeper Head & Legs
25th Snake-eyes chest
Hard Master waist
PoC Snake-eyes arms

25th Snake-eyes Blades & Sub-machinegun
RoC Night-Creeper Backpack & Crossbow
PoC Snake-eyes Sword

Nightstalker was my first Group Project submission from 'the Nightmares', the 2nd GP from way back in the days of the Bivouac. I'd already done him up in JvC/Spytroops style for the 'Special Teams' GP, so it was only a matter of time before I gave him the 25th treatment.

Work on him actually started in 08/09(?), and I went through multiple drafts, destroying half a hard-master in the process, and even after I got the Night-Creeper parts from the Wal-mart exclusive, I still couldn't find a decent pair of arms. I even considered tearing apart a spare RoC Kamakura... but finally I settled on using the PoC Snake-eyes arms. I had to dremmel the figure apart to get them. He sat around in one of the tackle-boxes downstairs for a few years until I began bringing my WiP's to Dark Matter Anime to paint (and get some pointers).

The purple is from the same dark purple mix I created as a highlight for Nicole Bradstrom, which I later used on Hotwire.

Real name: Uknown
Primary Military Specialty: Assassination
Secondary Military Specialty: Espionage

The Night-Creeper known only as Nightstalker is one of the most ruthless Martial Artists that have ever been in Cobra's employ. Preferring to operate under the cover of darkness, he'll use any tactics to achieve his ultimate goal, striking his target with blinding speed and horrific brutality before anyone even knows he's there. This 'brutal efficiency' has not only earned him the highest success rate among the other Night-Creepers, but also a reputation that generates fear among friend and foe alike. All attempts to discover his true identity have all lead to dead ends, and resulted in the deaths of the investigators. Snake-Eyes is the only man to face him in battle and come out unscathed... an insult which he obsesses over.

From the files of Dr. Mindbender: "His combination of tactical brilliance, combat prowess, and complete disregard for human life already makes him a deadly adversary, but it's his motivations make him a truly disturbing individual. Unlike others of his clique that we've had in our employ, he isn't in it for honor or sense of duty... he's driven to prove that he is better than all others. It's this narcissism that drives him to victory at any and all cost. It doesn't matter if your enemy, ally, or some poor laymen at the wrong place at the wrong time, if you get in his way... you are dead."

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