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Head, torso, waist - LIVEVIL/Nova cast kit
Arms- Shockwave 91
Upper Legs- Storm Shadow 92
Lower Legs- Hit & Run 88
AK-74 assault rifle- Marauder Inc.
Backpack- Gung Ho 92

Handpicked from the best of COBRA's combat divisions, the Blue Beret Commandos form a highly-trained and lethal special operations unit. Each recruit is chosen for physical strength, endurance, intelligence, and loyalty. Recruits undergoe advanced tactical training and very brutal physical training, forging them into a ruthless fighting force and it is only the strongest and toughest recruits whom somehow survive to complete it, earn the coveted, 'Blue Beret'. Fewer than one in five recruits pass the final test, in which the recruit must face twelve heavily-armed COBRA troopers, armed with only a knife and a pistol with five rounds of ammunition! Able to operate effectively in any environment, these elite troopers are experts in infiltration, reconnaissance, sabotage, guerilla warfare, small arms, demolitions, and hand-to-hand combat. The Blue Beret Commandos are a mean, nasty bunch who enjoy nothing more than to strike terror and inflict serious damage to GI JOE or anyone else who dare gets in the way of COBRA's nefarious plans!

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