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Head - SW Draco
Torso - MU Doc Strange
Harness - GI Joe Trakker
Chainsaw - GI Joe Buzzer
Belt / Lower Legs - MU Draxx
Upper Legs - MU Starlord

Probably one of the Joe's most unusual recruits. Formerly an employee of S-Mart, where he worked in housewares, he became an expert of the evil dead and the Necronomicon or Book of the Dead. While at a cabin with his girl Linda they were involved in what is now a classified situation. With Cobra using bio-vipers and dabbling in resurrecting past evil rulers and dabbling in the occult, the Joes needed an expert in the field not afraid to get his hands . . . errr hand dirty. Although he doesn't follow every order to the letter and has some inappropriate phrasings, he gets the job done.

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