Head, body, helmet: Resolute Cobra Trooper (Red 5 pack)
Goggles: ROC Para-viper
Web gear: 25th Snake Eyes Commando, modified
Holster: modified from 25th Snake Eyes Commando web gear
Firearms: Marauders
Binoculars: 25th Anniversary Duke
Cobra Sigil:

This piece was inspired by the Marvel comic book character Scarface. I wanted to give him a battle worn look, like he's been through the mud and that scar on his face is fairly new. Used a standard flat blue for most of the body and a neutral gray for the shoulders and knee pads. Dry brushed the sub-machine gun and the entire body got a good wash to catch shadows and simulate a dirty but aesthetically pleasing figure.

I am by no means an expert, but I've gotten back into customizing, and this time, I really want to work on effective uses of paint and minor mods like the holster on his left thigh. He's dusted with a clear coat to keep the paint fresh. By the way, custom action figure stand uses Franklin MS Gothic Demi 10 point font, bold, italicized, with some regular glue on the back.

Thank for looking!

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