Head - GI Joe Green horn
Body - MU Winter Soldier
Helmet - Shipwreck (Cobra Commander Disguise)

Cobra was defeated, but from the ashes Cobra Commander sought ultimate revenge. With Doctor Mindbenders for thought and several Operations the key figures of Cobra where saved and Rebuilt. How far did they think they could push before GI Joe decided to wipe them out completely! The Commander had designs already worked up for each of them, though they did not know. Now with the Commanders mechanical maniacs ready for combat GI Joe will suffer for their ruthlessness and lack of finishing the job.

The Commander was leading the war from the front lines, unlike him but needed. He had taken the upper hand when Agent chuckles sprang his trap. Duke and Flint where waiting for him. The resulting battle left the commander with a missing arm, several Broken Bones, and many other injuries. His original designs for himself where something to happen could not be used now. So Mindbender Rebuilt him as he seen fit.
Now leading the charge so to speak he has gotten his revenge. Leaving chuckles, Duke and Flint for dead.
My Joe verse pretty much sprang from lack of imagination. I wanted to create some cool customs but, had no background for them. It felt kind of empty without a story. So I gave them one. I enjoyed making these and have run out of ideas. I have some new Joes in mind for the new war but haven't completed them yet.

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