Head - Slayer Design Studios
Arms - POC Recondo
Upper Body - POC Destro
Torso - POC Beachhead
upper Legs - POC Beachhead
Lower Legs - MU Iron Man

Cobra was defeated, but from the ashes Cobra Commander sought ultimate revenge. With Doctor Mindbenderís forethought, and several operations later, the key figures of Cobra were saved and rebuilt. How far did they think they could push before GI Joe decided to wipe them out completely? The Commander had designs already worked up for each of them, though they did not know. Now with the Commanderís mechanical maniacs ready for combat, GI Joe will suffer for their ruthlessness and lack of finishing the job.

With an open slot for a saboteur the Commander sought out Iron Claw. Given advanced weaponry and some old nano tech Iron Claw was given free reign to incite terror where he could cause the most damage. Given a very long leash he operates freely from the organization until called upon. Now one of the most sought after mercenaries on the planet, his tech upgrades and a blank check have made him a force to be reckoned with. The blank check even terrorizes the Commander from time to time. But his results are unquestionable. I'd tell you to ask Scarlett but that's impossible now.

My Joe verse pretty much sprang from lack of imagination. I wanted to create some cool customs but, had no background for them. It felt kind of empty without a story. So I gave them one. I enjoyed making these and have run out of ideas. I have some new Joes in mind for the new war but haven't completed them yet.

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