Head- Cast of Bulletman Head, painted and flocked
Arms- Casts of Muscle Body GI Joes
Fists- Casts of 12" fists from Cotswold Collectables
Torso, Waist, Legs- Original Muscle Body GI Joe
Helmet- Cast of Bulletman Helmet
Shirt- Ordered from project-are.com with Arctic Bulletman iron on transfer
Pistol, Holster, Ammo Pouch, Belt- Cotswold Collectables
Pants- Arctic Adventurer from the GIJCC
Boots- 12" ROC Stormshadow

Bulletman has always been one of my favorite Adventure Team GI Joes. A few years back I got the idea of giving him more mission and environment-specific outfits like what was available for the other members of the Adventure Team. I decided to use cast parts for the head, arms, and helmet, which gave me the freedom to color them as I saw fit, and mount them onto bodies of muscle body GI Joes. The clothes and weapons were bought from various websites that specialize in accessories for 1/6 scale action figures. The most challenging part was coming up with the correct shade of flesh for the resin dyes for casting the head, but once I found it I was able to cast a few heads, which were later painted and flocked. Once all of the parts were finished I restrung him and dressed him for his mission in the arctic.

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