Head, chest/back, arms: SW '96 Han Solo
Waist, legs: SW '97 Weequay


The Blind Woodsman appeared in the Sunbow miniseries "The M.A.S.S. Device". He found a radiation-poisoned Snake-Eyes and then cured him using "a simple dressing of leaves and herbs". The combination of Star Wars parts made a good basis for the clothing of a man who lives in the woods... and looks suspiciously like Gene Hackman's blind woodsman character in Young Frankenstein.

The biggest change I made to the design was replacing the wrap-around boot straps seen in the cartoon with fur. The boots in the cartoon looked interesting, but because the color scheme and look was very close to that of Weequay's legs/feet, I wanted to alter the look more.

Colors & Painting:

Taken from the cartoon, with more yellow added to the pants to look different than the Weequay figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Han Solo and Weequay figures were broken apart and recombined at the waist line. I sculpted the hair, lower sleeves, and "skirt" of the fur coat. To create the fur texture on the coat and boots, I glued poppy seeds over the plastic and then coated them with several coats of paint to fill in the gaps.

Thanks for looking.

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