Body: 25th anniversary BAT
Head: Defense of Cobra Island BAT Head
Weapon: Marauders Steyr Aug

Testors and Tamira Acrylic Paint

I never really understood why the BAT came in a banana yellow scheme, but when the Red Resolute BAT came out, I thought maybe BATs were color coded depending on which unit they were assigned to. So I painted a battle damaged version of a BAT in Cobra Blue. I figure he'd be assigned to Vipers. Anyway, this is the result. It's a fairly simply repaint - I gave the back pack, legs, and chest area a wash with thinned out Citadel mud, and it gives the figure more of a detailed look I think.

The Battle Android Tactical (BAT) is a shock trooper, cannon fodder designed to be dropped out of low flying cargo planes, marched through water, and straight into enemy lines. They feel no fear, and are capable of creating havoc on the battlefield. The Joes can handle them pretty well, but when Cobra farms them out to third world dictators and the like, their mere presence alone tends to cause widespread panic. The only problem is that they tend to shoot one another and even other Cobra troops, so they are often used as a last resort - or, at least if there are no traditional troops within firing range.

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