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Head: POC Dusty
Torso: Commando Snake Eyes
Neck: ROC figure
Arms: ???
Legs: Jungle Duke
Feet: Indiana Jones

Fred was the typical popular jock in high school; Captain of the football team, Prom King, straight A's, invited to all the "cool" parties, and even the "uncool" ones. Thing is, Fred went. He really was the all around good guy. The first to defend anyone being picked on. It was his unflinching character that made those around him trust him unconditionally. It was also that which led to the formation of Mystery Inc.

While at a party in the woods Fred was dared to enter the woods in search of a haunted gravesite. trying to impress his long time crush, Daphne Blake, Fred accepted the dare taking Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Velma Dinkley along for what turned out to be a life changing night. The four friends, along with Shaggy's dog Scooby Doo, spent the years after high school investigating claims of the paranormal with Fred always taking the lead. He instilled courage in the face of the unknown and was admired by his friends.

After the zombies rose...

My favorite part about this figure is the neck transplant. I wanted a sweater vest look with a collared shirt, since one didn't exist I made it happen and love the results.

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