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Head: Battle Corps Wild Bill modified
Torso: Leatherneck modified and skull sculpted on
Arms: Mirage
Waist: Battle Corps Gung Ho modified
Legs: Static Line

Hat: Golden Compass Lee Scoresby
Harness: DVD set JUMP Duke
Knives: Retaliation Snake Eyes 3 pack harness
Rifle: Barrel from Sky Creeper, body from BBi M14, scope from fodder bin, stock BBi M14 re-adjusted, and styrene
Pistol: Star Wars
Kerium: plant decoration
Skull Walker: McDonalds Bionicle with aves sculpting for the head

Tex Hex is Bravestarr's arch enemy. He was given powers by his boss Stampede. Smart, an unparalleled shot, and despite being a bad guy, had lines that even he wouldn't cross.

I made a Bravestarr a few years ago and always wanted to do a Tex Hex but never got around to it. For NJC #72, the topic was Cowboys and Indians and I knew right away who I wanted to make. I mean, I'd already mentally picked out the parts forever ago. At the last minute I added the Skull Walker. I had just thrown out that bionicles figure thinking I'd never find a use for it.

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