The whole figure is a repainted ROC Charbroil.

Back when ROC came out, I received my Charbroil from Hasbro right before I left for vacation. I was pretty disappointed in the silver highlights that looked like they had been slapped on. I honestly thought they were a a bad paint mask. The silver on the forearms looked like maybe it was supposed to be on the elbow pads, and the shoulder mold looked like the silver was supposed to be on it, but it was a bit lower. Just made for a sloppy figure, but I thought I would just wait and grab another at retail that had better paint apps.

Well, I found 2 the next week, and it looks like that is the way they were supposed to be. It almost looks like a bad custom paint job. I was looking forward to this figure, so I decided to open the one I had and touch it up a bit.

first, I used some nail polish remover and the dull edge of a exacto to scrape away as much silver on the arms as possible. I then gave the whole figure a black wash, let it dry, then went back and painted the elbow pads silver, added some black to different areas, and now I am happy. opted to paint the shoulder parts black instead of silver, since his vest is already metal, I did not want bright silver shoulder pads and a muted metal looking vest. Put a little black in the vented part of the helmet too to add some color.

I think the wash makes the figure look alot better, and the more black gives him more of a fireman type look.

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