Head: Golden Compass Daniel Craig
1. A-Team's Face
2. Snake Eyes v54 with ROC Cobra Commander Legs
3. 25A Torpedo with Spirit lower arms, and BnB Wrestler feet

Not the first Bond figure I've made, but probably the definitive take on the character for me. I included multiple bodies here, and I will likely add to them going forward, as I see the alternate swappable "outfits" as being akin to accessories which can build off of this core figure.

In my verse, Bond continued to work for the Queen even as other heroes throughout the world were joining the EXCAL organization in droves. With that organization now in shambles (though the verse is very much alive), Bond's place in my world figures to gain importance.

A sub-plot remains as to what 007 will do (officially or unofficially) having learned how Vesper Lynd faked her death to deceive him even further than he had first realized. The beauty of my Custom "Storm Wind" character seen in the pics is that she can be as easy stand in for Vesper!

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