Head: Bandai Gashapon with modded hair
Torso: Marvel Universe female (version 1), modded and sculpted
Arms: Uppers: MU female; Lowers: PP Baroness
Legs: ROC Baroness
Fur Bits: grafted from Gashapon

Safe: Marx Sam Cobra (Johnny West) accessory, modified.

My second Black Cat figure, but the one I am happiest with. I modified the hair for this version - though shorter than the comic look, it is much more action figure friendly this way than with the long blowing locks of the gashapon statue.

The Spider-Man corner of my EXCAL verse is growing (as is the Marvel part of it in general). With the terrorist threat of MEDUSA now just a memory (this was the threat that EXCAL was initially formed to defeat), day to day crimes are drawing the attention of the world's heroes once more.

Felicia was, for her part, fighting for the good guys, (covertly of course) during the EXCAL-MEDUSA war. However, her return to civilian life has found her looking for the thrill of the action once more. What better way to gain it than by utilizing her training to commit exciting acts of thievery (all while doing so at the agitation of her long time crush, PFC Peter Parker)?

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