Head: BBI
Helmet: Captain America Arctic version (movie)
Visor: vintage Steeler
Torso: 25A Tomax
Arms: Trakker uppers? SW lowers
Legs: 25A Snow Job

parts modded/sculpted, custom shoulder holster.

sling for submachine gun by TR1ER

Steeler remains my favorite Joe character, though looking back it has much more to do with my love of the design of the original figure, and less to do with the character as portrayed in any format.

Whenever I've attempted a modern custom of Steeler, I've felt like I needed to make an effort to be true to the original design. The trait that sticks out most to me is just how streamlined that figure seemed, compared to the other OG13 figures. The only modern sculpt I've found that - with modification at least - sells that same look is the Tomax/Xamot sculpt.

This particular take on Steeler was for a JoeCustoms Custom Con entry a couple years ago.

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