Head: Lady Jaye V8 (2009)
Hair: Baroness V14 (2009)
Body: Marvel Universe first female body
Holster: Cobra Commander V34 (2008)
Feet: Baroness V14 (2009)

I've wanted to make this custom for a while now. There were some challenges.

The biggest one I had was sculpting the mask and not making it look huge and bulky. I opted to simply sculpt on the edges and rivets and leave the center of the face unaltered. I then painted the whole thing gold and I got the effect I wanted.

Next, I was tired of the classic flat foot of every marvel universe female body. As an experiment I tried pulling out the high heels from a Baroness figure and I was surprised to see they fit nicely in the Marvel body.

Interestingly enough, she is easily the tallest female I have in my collection.

I'll say this though, I should have simply used a Marvel Mystique body instead of the one I used because painting and working with white is quite challenging.

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