Head and Forearms:Roc Repeater
Torso: Resolute Arctic Duke
Thighs: Retaliation Firefly
Lower legs: PoC Duke
Webgear: custom made from various scraps, and a Retaliation Joe trooper
Scarf: Resolute Beach Head

Hoverboard was made from a VvV sled, and various bits and pieces.

My attempt at making post 80's that fit in with a more modern take/Pursuit of Cobra vibe on the Joe team has produced various results, with alot of trial and error. Stretcher was a figure I owned as a child and did see some playtime, mostly due to that great sled accessory. The custom went through various parts until I felt as though I had finally found a combination and look I liked, but I couldn't commit to posting him until I figured out something for the sled. The sled was found offhand, and then I found the little medical piece in an accessory pack from a discontinued toyline at Target.

I was rather pleased with how he turned out.

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