Head: Tripwire V1
Torso: Ace V1 modified
Arms: Dial-Tone V1
Waist: ?
Legs: Wild Weasel V1

Shadow Unit is the Consortium's covert operations team. A Little less than terrorists and a little more than mercenaries, Shadow Unit can "come to the party" hitting hard. Have obtained their training through various international armies and coming from all over the world they are a diverse group of well-trained operators financed by Philip Delecroix and the Consortium. Their primary objectives are to engage and eliminate enemies of the Consortium through intimidation and overwhelming firepower and mobility.

Getting Shadow Unit squads and their equipment into and out of hot spots requires the Broadsword cargo helicopter piloted by Daggers. Hand-picked for their daring and risk taking piloting skills, they can push the Broadsword to its extreme. Daggers are also trained to fly the Falchion assault chopper and can provide back up if things get to hairy.

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