Head: Renegades Duke, modded
Glasses: Indiana Jones, Henry Sr.
Base Body (both figures): A-Team Lynch
Coat (2nd Figure): WO Gambit
Waterslide decal for GCPD

Gotham City is becoming more and more of a focus for my customizing, and while still connected to my running EXCAL storyline, it is also becoming a much more traditional sounding Batman story.

It's impossible to make it such without Police Commissioner Gordon.

A key to this custom for me was that it came together using mostly excess parts I had not found use for otherwise. Those A-Team Lynch figures worked well for representing a hands-on Police Commissioner. the coat isn't perfect, but is on an entirely distinct body which serves largely as an accessory in and of itself. I spent the most time on the head, as I wanted it to really sell the figure. Plus, I wanted this figure to invoke a resemblance to both movie and comic continuities.

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