Head-DTC Outback with sculpted beard, mustache and bangs
Forearms-DTC Outback
Torso and Lower Legs-Retaliation Roadblock v2
Thighs-Poc Recondo
Harness and Backpack-Retaliation Kwinn
Battle Vest-Retaliation Roadblock v2

I had been working on an Outback since right after the 2013 convention. I saw a great Outback custom at a dealer booth that set the wheels in motion. Not sure who's it was, but it was a heavy duty roc torso, with dtc outback arms and head. I thought it was a great idea, and decided I wanted to try it, but get away from the Roc torso.

I went back and forth on this one forever, and at one point had an entirely different Outback custom ready to go, with a Jungle Duke head, Resolute Beachead torso and arms, and Jungle Duke pants. But it didn't seem like Outback to me.

So I dug out the parts that I had picked up at the con, and came up with this. I received wet transfer decals for a variety of customs, including this one from several community members such as dusty79 on joecustoms.com, and lowlight27 on og13.com, so props go to those gentlemen.
The "87" is a dry transfer decal that I picked up at hobby lobby.

Thanks for looking!

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