Head: Low Light (ARAHC)
Torso: Law (ARAHC)
Arms: Duke (ARAHC)
Waist/legs: Shockwave

Mojo is a New York City police detective. While working on a batch of cold cases, he stumbled into a couple of cases that may have been connected, pointing to a massive and sinister conspiracy. Suddenly he's getting pulled out of bed and dragged into a secret military facility and getting questioned about things he's never heard of.

Turns out he found the first real evidence pointing to who Cobra Commander is and how he came to build his power base. Having been cleared of any involvement with Cobra, Mojo is recruited into the fight against Cobra, utilizing his investigative research skills to follow the trail that he discovered, and hopefully leading him right into the heart of one of the most elusive power structures the world has ever known.

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