Head; VvV Zartan
body: Marvel Ice Man
hood: Retaliation Zartan

First off let me say I love Renegades! The series was IMO Awesome! and the chameleon suit Zartan was one of its coolest characters! I am in the process of doing several Renegades customs and Zartan was a must! I started with the Iceman body- I always wanted a clear action figure! But the blue tone was even closer to the cartoon. I went with the Valor vs Venom head (I think may be Spy troops) It looked a little fuller, the cartoon version wasn't slim faced.
The next step was adding the hood and paint apps. the hood was directly based off of the toon character proving Hasbro had at least thought of making the figure!
Over all Im excited about the figure and am really pleased with how he turned out!

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