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2008 Hasbro Cobra Trooper:
Project ARE hooded sweatshirt, dyed dark blue
M&C Toys (World Peacekeepers) body
Hasbro boots, knee pads and elbow pads
Scratch-built body armor, backpack and web gear
M&C Toys ammunition pouches, modified
21st Century Toys pouches (resin casings) and canteen
Cotswold Collectibles "commando" dagger and sheath
21st Century Toys rifle (Zastava M91, I think) and pistol (P-08, I'm certain)
Various straps, buckles and paints

"Belltoll and I were assigned to same Cobra Infantry Platoon on the same day. He is a fair marksman; very accurate out to 1000 meters but worthless past that. He'll never make Viper-Sniper but I can make good use of him right where he is." - Lt. Bombast

I have pulled my box of custom Cobra figures from storage and I thought I might have a bit of fun showing off an attack team I assembled made from 12" figures. A single soldier does not make a formidable impression and I was able to pick up several of the basic (2008) Cobra Troopers on sale. I know these cannot compare with the Troopers offered by Sideshow, but they are shelf-worthy in my collection. I will try to submit about one a week and give a construction detail or two with each.

M&C Toys' heads are not compatible with any other line's head and so I had to use their neck portion with the Hasbro head. For the head swap, I used a hot-knife to cut the M&C Toys neck just below the chin, attached the Hasbro head with Gorilla Glue, clamped for a full 24-hours. The hooded sweatshirt was heather gray but I dyed it in a mix of RIT Royal and Navy blue dyes. I dyed a white handkerchief in the same dye bath and used that for the body armor. I made chest and back plates by cutting the basic shape from craft foam and glued the dyed handkerchief cloth to the form. The straps are grosgrain with spare buckles and scrapbooking studs for rivets. The logo was cut from a Hasbro product flyer then pasted and sealed to the chest plate. More on the way so stay tuned.

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