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Head: Mace
Rest of the figure: Headman v2. Torso and legs modified.

Figure created por the Group Project ROGUE STATES.

File name:Montoya, Julian
PMS:President of Marquetalia
SMS: Intelligence. Finance.
Birthplace: Miami, Florida USA

Born to immigrant parents from Marquetalia, Julian Montoya grew up in a poor neighborhood in south Florida. A diligent student with an exceptional IQ, he attends and graduates from Harvard Business School and is recruited into the CIA, working as an intelligence analyst. After the CIA, he becomes a wealthy industrialist, worth over 15 billion dollars. Montoya invests heavily into Marquetalia, forging close ties with its government, creating many businesses and jobs for the country, making him a national hero.
Although considered at one time to be a respected legitimate businessman, a deeper probe into his financial dealings revealed connections to organized crime as well as a close relationship with Extensive Enterprises, the multinational corporation headed by Tomax and Xamot, agents of the terrorist organization, COBRA.
His growing status in Marquetalia leads him to lust for power. His dreams of power are soon realized when, with the help of COBRA, he overthrows the democratic government and declares himself as the new president of Marquetalia.
An assassination attempt on President Montoya's life several months after taking over leads him to permanently cut diplomatic ties with the US and implement the use of systemic and violent political repression, turning the country into a police state. Marquetalia enters the drug trade, with state-run coca plantations producing and refining cocaine for trafficking abroad.

Unfazed by economic sanctions imposed by the US, President Julian Montoya continues to rule unchallenged and with an iron fist.

"Julian Montoya's reputation as a charismatic, ruthless businessman with a strategic mind is almost mythic. In some financial circles he is known by the nickname "The Third Twin" in reference to the cunning business skills of the Crimson Twins. Now as ruler of Marquetalia, his reputation as a brutal dictator is growing with each day..."

Customizer notes:
I like to introduce elder characters to my Joeverse, because they enrich the Joeverse with their experience and wisdom.

I tried to give a tie to the Headman torso and did it. Only complaint I have is that neck movement was reduced.

I also modified the pants at the bottom in order to look like regular pants.

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