Head, torso and waist: LIVEVIL-nova collaboration.
Arms: TF Dialtone.
Legs: SFII movie Balrog.

File name: Unknown
PMS: Guerrilla training
SMS: Intelligence. Finance.
Birthplace: Springfield (Cobra), USA

Major Snow was born in the Cobra controlled town of Springfield. The only son of a Crimson Guard and a latino (Kuna) descent mother. His father taught him the love for Cobra and of course as a Siegie, the love for power and money. Major Snow worked all the way up from blueshirt, Viper, CG and finally becoming one of the few Black Beret Commandos. He is an albino and don't like very much the sunlight, that's why he always cover his skin and face.

The Crimson Twins first introduced Major Snow to President Montoya, when Montoya was seeking help when he broke relationship with the US. Now Snow is second in command, acting as Chief Security Officer, field leader and link to Extensive Enterprises.

"A true Cobra soldier, disciplined, intelligent and ruthless. A man ready and willing to transform Marquetalia in the most powerful rogue state of the region, of course under the control of Cobra."

Customizer notes:
Major Snow parts were a donation of my good friend LIVEVIL. I just changed the color of the beret to give him some differentiation.

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