2008 Hasbro Cobra Trooper helmet and pants
21st Century Toys Afrika Korps Motorcycle Soldier (Super Soldier body)
Cotswold Collectibles white sweater, dyed blue and modified neck
Hasbro boots and knee pads
Scratch-built body armor and equipment belt
Scratch-built pack with poncho
BBI ammo pouches and canteen
M&C Toys belt pouch
Cotswold Collectibles "commando" dagger and sheath
M&C Toys FN Minimi, detailed and painted
Various straps, buckles and paints

"That guy's face would turn so red during initiation that we were calling him 'Beet-face', and he would never say a word...still doesn't. But in battle he's like a surgeon with the light machinegun; absolute precision. That's why we started calling him 'Bloodface'. Well, that and the creepy scarf and goggles he wears." - Lt. Bombast

I needed a machine gunner but my stockpile of Cobra Troopers had dwindled. Rummaging through discarded figures in my parts, I came across this 21st Century Toys German soldier with a molded on scarf and goggles. I never cared for this one as a stock figure but I thought with a little tweaking, he would make a passable Cobra Trooper. I painted the figure's mask black first then painted red on the raised portions. This created a sort of black and red stripe effect. While a Cobra on security detail might not wear something like that, one on a battlefield might. I have thought about swapping his head to another body as I am not a big fan of the 21st Century Toys Super Soldier. In my opinion, they were too odd looking in their proportions. Still, he can strike a good battle pose which always works for me.

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