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2008 Hasbro Cobra Trooper:
M&C Toys (World Peacekeepers) body
Project ARE hooded sweatshirt, dyed dark blue
21st Century Toys police officer pants
Hasbro helmet painted blue with craft foam insignia
Hasbro boots, knee pads and elbow pads
Scratch-built body armor, backpack and web gear
Resin castings of 21st Century Toys ammunition pouches, modified
Resin castings of scratch-built 40MM grnade pouches
21st Century Toys pouches (resin casings) and canteen
Cotswold Collectibles "commando" dagger and sheath
Hasbro Tactical Advisor AK47 modified with M&C Toys grenade launcher, butt stock and optics.
Hasbro holster with Formative International M92F pistol
Various straps, buckles and paints

"Lt. Bombast is a pompous jerk. You won't last long in a Cobra platoon if you don't know what you're doin'. He ain't dead yet so I guess that's something." - Beta

"Oh yea, Mr. 'I went to 'blah-blah' war college for the criminally bratty.' He's a jerk. Still, it never occurred to me to cap him when he crosses my sights." - Belltoll

"I hate the guy! He calls me 'Blastard'!" -Blastard

"Who???" -Bloodface

Finally, presenting the squad leader. Just about everything here has been covered in my earlier posts so I won't go into any detail. I originally intended to use yellow on his gear instead of gray, but I wanted to go a different route. The gray gear was used on a 25th Anniversary Cobra Officer so I drew inspiration there. The finished squad is shown in last photo. I wanted them to present a uniform appearance, but different enough to give them character. That's why I changed a few items here and there and gave them different roles in the squad. I have enjoyed showing off these custom bad guys, but next, I will submit some heroes. Thanks for looking.

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