Head: IJ Henry Jones
Torso: ROC Heavy Duty
Arms: 25A Croc Master
Legs: ROC Ice Viper
Feet: 25A Roadblock


Harley, the Eagle Force member most likely to suffer from liver and/or kidney problems, presented as a "Now a Joe" figure. I roughly followed the design of the Mego source figure, sans the shirtless vest. I also tried to make him look a bit chunkier and squatter. The Heavy Duty torso was an easy starting point. Using the thick Ice Viper legs helped the squat look develop. Likewise, adding the slightly smaller Croc Master arms made the torso look gooier.

Colors & Paint:

With my Eagle Force figures, I've replaced Mego's metallic gold uniform with a multi-colored set that has a gold vibe. I kept the bracelets gold as a nod to the original figure. I tried to match the head's flesh tone to the arms to keep the elbows unpainted.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I glued the head in a fixed position and then added the hair and beard. No berets for my Eagle Force customs so far.

Thanks for looking.

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