head:Ken of Street Fighters the Movie

torso:Sgt.slaughter V1

the rest parts: Balrog of Street Fighters V1

When I was a child I saw the masters of the universe TV cartoon in the 80's. He-man, Skeletor and Hordak had left deep impressions on me.

I have made Skeletor and Hordak and this time comes He-man, my favorite figure I ever had. He-man is the typical muscular man, so the muscle should be taken care of.

I chose the torso of Sgt. Slaughter because of the shape, and I modified the muscle more like a strong man. I chose the head of Ken because the hair, and modified the face to be more like He-man.

I made the sword and scabbard as the accessories, which could be attached to the back as a backpack.

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