Head: Retaliation Storm Shadow
Body, Arms, Upper Legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Lower Legs: Retaliation Storm Shadow
Spider Legs: MU Iron Spider
Other Gear: Various bits and pieces.

"Webstor, at least that's what the men have taken to calling him due to his appearance and his tech. He is an expert at infiltration and escape. Outfitted with highly advanced gear: Four "legs" that allow him to scale most any surface, a "web spinner" that allows him to deploy a cable for rappelling or climbing.

It is suspected he received advanced sniper and counter-sniper training but from whom is unknown.

Where he comes from. What he wants. No one knows. He seems to revel in death and havoc he has killed soldiers, civilians, and THEM.

He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

That's all we've got Sir. Four witnesses, highly trained Spec Ops. All terrified beyond belief. All claiming that some sort of creature had ambushed their recon teams..."

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