Head - Slayer Design Studio
Visor - ROC Snake Eyes
Entire body - POC Beachhead
Sword - Army of Darkness

Over the last four years or so I slowly put together an Action Force team consisting of all the SAS members from the original figure line as well as a number of new characters that were inspired by other areas of Joedom. I call the whole team Action Force Black.

Stalker is the one member of the original SAS team that I changed the most. Given that his filecard lists him as a Scandinavian named Ragnar, I decided to do a visual mash-up of Snake Eyes and a viking and see what that looked like. The result is one of my faves in this whole set. I just call him 'Ragnar' but I listed him as Stalker for reference purposes.

I also included a pic of the entire updated original team.

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