Head - Unknown/modded
Body - Destro

Hannibal grew up in the custody of United States government, having been captured after the second Serpentor's death. He was old enough though that he never forgot who he came from, who he was born to be. And so after numerous psych tests he faked his way out of custody and disappeared.

Years later, older, more mature, Hannibal has resurfaced as the current leader of the Coil, a new, more refined organization. He has instituted a command structure consisting of Dr. Mindbender, Overkill, Miss Fear, Naja Bhoot, and Wadjet - the group has branched out, and though terrorism is still a large part of their brand, they've moved into religion, politics and financing, with a truly global reach.

Hannibal has learned from his 'fathers' deaths, he no longer wants the Coil to be an adversary to Cobra, instead, he has partnered with Cobra, preferring to work in the background of the organization, pulling strings from a distance.

(I've always liked the Coil, and wanted to combine elements from some of the multiple comic lines. Hannibal would serve as the defacto Serpentor for my Joeverse.)

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