Head- Casted neck ball head modified
Torso- GI Joe 25th figure
Upper Legs- ROC Flash style in brown
Lower legs- Retaliation Fire Fly
Feet- Indiana Jones
Right arm- Random GI Joe figure
Left arm- Comic two pack Hard Master

Helmet- Captain America
Backpack- GI Joe figure with leather cloth for Thumper sleeve
Vest- Firely
Belt- Random GI Joe figure with Wetsuit holster

M16- GI Joe figure with masking tape sling
Colt 45- GI Joe figure
Grenade Launcher (Thumper)- BBi accessory
Eagle- Freedom from Spirit Iron Knife
Flag- small hand held American Flag

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the GI Joe brand, I decided to create a custom action figure of an American soldier as the appeared during the Vietnam War. I wanted the figure to have a youthful appearance, hence the no beard. The most difficult part of this figure was coming up with the various shades of green to recreate the look of the uniform during that era. Every layer of paint was mixed by hand using various hues of Folk Art blues and yellows. The figure was first painted with a base color of brown and the last coat was a dry brush or yellow ochre with green.

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