Head: ROC Ripcord
Head, torso, & upper arms: IJ Colonel Dovchenko
Lower arms: IJ Indiana Jones
Hands: 25A Ace
Waist & legs: DC The Question
Cover: Knockoff figure with neck draping from NS Dusty Helmet


Colonel Sharif appeared in the "Hot Potato" short story at the end of Marvel's GI Joe #1. The Colonel Dovchenko figure is a good base, even if the strap across the chest is reversed and there is no ascot under the collar. The entire figure could have been done with only Colonel Dovchenko parts, but I mixed in other parts so it didn't look like a straight repaint.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the comic book. This is a figure that relies on the solitary color of the uniform to pull all of the pieces together. The lower arms are sculpted with lots of wrinkles, the torso/upper arms with some, and the legs with almost no wrinkles at all. It was also important to find the right blue. The blue, Dutch Blue, is much a purer blue than the shades of blues I generally use for Cobra figures. This helps establish Col. Shariff as a member of The Guardians of Paradise, and not Cobra Command.

I also used a winter blue instead of silver for the details.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The goatee is sculpted. The arms were reworked at the elbows to flow better. The wrinkles were filled in on the lower arms. The neck draping was attached to the cover.

Thanks for looking.

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